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Dispatch Details Through Watsapp


  1. Email Restrictions: The client's existing communication system was limited to email, which did not meet the demand for instant updates.

  2. Client Expectations: Stakeholders, particularly clients, sought timely dispatch details delivered through WhatsApp to facilitate quick responses.

Scanning Box for Shipment


  • Unattended RPA Robot: We implemented an unattended Robotic Process Automation (RPA) robot tasked with automating the delivery of dispatch details via WhatsApp.

  • Automated Dispatch Notifications: The RPA robot identified dispatches scheduled for the day and delivered the necessary details to respective customers through WhatsApp.


  1. High Customer Satisfaction: Clients and stakeholders appreciated the timely dispatch details, leading to improved satisfaction and engagement.

  2. Reduction of Manual Efforts: The solution eliminated the need for manual dispatch notifications, reducing the associated effort to zero.

  3. Communication Delays Eliminated: Communication delays were eradicated, ensuring swift responses and streamlined interactions.

Automated Invoice delivery to customers


  1. Diverse Invoice Sources: Invoices originated from various locations, adding complexity to the process.

  2. Email Distribution: The client needed to email invoices to both customers and sales representatives at multiple retail locations.

  3. Efficiency and Accuracy: Ensuring accurate identification of recipients and timely invoice delivery was critical.



  • RPA Automation: We deployed a specialized Robotic Process Automation (RPA) robot designed to automate the identification of customer details and the email distribution of required invoices.

  • Invoice and Recipient Identification: The RPA robot accurately identified customers and associated sales representatives, ensuring invoices were dispatched to the right recipients.


  1. Zero Manual Efforts: The solution eliminated the need for manual invoice distribution, reducing manual efforts to zero.

  2. Sales Representative Productivity Increase: Sales representatives' productivity increased by 15%, as they were able to allocate more time to their core tasks.

  3. Enhanced Efficiency: Accurate invoice distribution enhanced efficiency and reduced the possibility of errors.

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