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Sales Report automation


  1. Daily Sales Report Summary: Sales managers were tasked with manually pulling data from the CRM system and preparing a summary report every day.

  2. Productivity Reduction: The time and effort required for this daily reporting task resulted in reduced productivity for the sales team.

Working with Financial Documents


  • CRM Automation: The RPA bot logged into the CRM system, downloaded the necessary sales report, and initiated the data preparation process.

  • Customized Summary: The solution included a customizable summary template designed to meet the specific needs of the sales team.

  • Automated Email Delivery: The RPA bot automatically emailed the summary reports to the respective sales managers and their department heads.


  1. 10% Increase in Productivity: The automation of the daily reporting task led to a notable 10% increase in the productivity of the sales team.

  2. Time Savings: Valuable time was saved as sales managers were no longer burdened with manual data retrieval and report preparation.

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