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Statutory notifications to F&A team


  1. Deadline Adherence: Stakeholders had to adhere to specific monthly and quarterly deadlines as mandated by government regulations.

  2. Lack of Follow-ups: Business users often forgot these due dates due to their busy schedules, resulting in delays in the compliance process.

  3. Department Head Follow-ups: Department heads had to invest significant time in manually following up with end-users to remind them of impending deadlines.

Image depicting Statutory Notifications


  • Automated Reminder System: We implemented an automated reminder system designed to send proactive reminders to stakeholders based on due dates.

  • Multi-Channel Communication: The system utilized multiple communication channels, including WhatsApp messages and emails, to ensure that reminders reached end-users effectively.


  1. 70% Reduction in Follow-up Time: The automated reminders significantly reduced the time department heads spent manually following up with end-users.

  2. Enhanced Deadline Adherence: Stakeholders became more proactive in meeting deadlines, leading to improved compliance with government regulations.

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