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Continuous Attendance Monitoring System


  1. Payroll Generation Challenges: The client's payroll generation process was marred by difficulties related to defaulters and missing attendance declarations.

  2. Defaulters and Missing Data: A significant portion of employees were categorized as defaulters due to irregular attendance records or incomplete declarations.

  3. HR Involvement: The HR team had to invest substantial time and effort in addressing these issues, impacting their productivity.

Online Monitoring


  • RPA Bot Development: We created a specialized Robotic Process Automation (RPA) bot designed to identify defaulters daily based on their attendance logs.

  • Personalized Communication: The RPA bot sent personalized WhatsApp messages to both the employees and HR, informing them of the attendance-related issues and the necessary steps to rectify them.


  1. 80% Reduction in Defaulters: The proactive identification and communication led to an 80% reduction in the number of defaulters among employees.

  2. Payroll Generation Improvement: Payroll generation issues decreased from a high 35% to a minimal 5%, significantly streamlining the process.

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