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Our Journey in a Nutshell !!!

Meet the awesome minds driving our automation wave and discover how we're reshaping industries. Eager to know how it all started? Well, grab a seat and read on!!

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Founder of Chillbotz

   Aarif Mohammed

Founder & CEO



Our Founder's path was paved with years of experience in the IT industry, where he began his career in the world of mainframes. It was during this early phase that he first dipped his toes into the realm of automation. As he embarked on a quest of streamlining processes, he realized automation had the power to reshape the landscape of work and productivity.


This newfound fascination has become the driving force and grew stronger. Along the way, He encountered a remarkable technology – Intelligent Automation / RPA (Robotic Process Automation) back then. He delved deep, learning the intricacies and became a crucial part of Automation projects. The results were astonishing, and his elation knew no bounds.But beyond the technical marvel, His heart resonated with a deeper purpose. 

And so, the seeds of Chillbotz were sown.A dream took root, a place where innovation and automation joined hands to ease burdens and elevate possibilities. Chillbotz was born with a mission – to let humans focus on what truly matters, while the bots do all the heavy lifting.

When the right individuals cross paths, extraordinary outcomes unfold. Our co-founder, expert in Automation and mobile/app development, takes on the role of our operations maestro. Effortlessly orchestrating every facet, he stands as the cornerstone of our company's foundation. 

As a company, We envision a world where humans are liberated from mundane tasks, where creativity and potential is flourished. This vision infused our work with meaning, giving us a resolute drive to make a difference.

Why Chillbotz?

Amidst the surge of businesses embracing Intelligent Automation, many struggle with its effective implementation and scalability.


Right partnership accelerates the achievement of desired benefits.Chillbotz emerges as your ideal ally, offering tailored solutions that precisely match your business needs. We provide unbiased tool recommendations, aligning functionality with your requirements and budget.With partnerships across multiple automation tools, we're primed to exceed expectations.

We understand the importance of security and compliance when it comes to Automation. Our solutions are built with industry-standard security practices and we ensure compliance with all relevant regulations.

Join us for a discovery call and a complimentary Proof of Concept (POC) to experience our capabilities firsthand. Your path to automation excellence starts here.

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