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ETL data validation and upload


  1. High Volume Data Influx: The client regularly received a substantial volume of input files, each containing extensive data.

  2. Complex Validation: The data needed to be rigorously checked against numerous business rules, with processing times ranging from 10 to 60 minutes per file, based on the number of records.

  3. Time-Consuming and Repetitive: The manual nature of this task, combined with the high volume of incoming files, made it exceedingly time-consuming and repetitive.

Data on a Touch Pad


  • Automated Data Validation: We introduced an automated system capable of thoroughly checking input files against various business rules defined by the client.

  • Processing and Approval: The system not only validated the data but also processed the files according to the defined checks and prepared them for approval within the client's internal portal.


  1. 90% Reduction in Manual Efforts: Automation significantly reduced the need for manual data validation and processing, leading to a substantial reduction in manual efforts.

  2. Benefit of 2 FTEs Realized: The efficiency gains resulted in a benefit equivalent to two full-time employees (FTEs).

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